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Classes exist for ages ranging from 3 up through high school.  The UW-L Jr. Eagle Gymnastics Program is committed to ensuring a quality and safe experience for all participants involved. The benefits of the program include:
→ Equipment that meets all USA Gymnastics Safety Standards.
→ USAG progressive levels of instruction.
→ Certified First Aider on site at all times.
→ Dependent, experienced gymnasts as strong role models for your son or daughter.
→ Instructor to student ratio of 1:6 or fewer.

PRE-SCHOOL CLASSES: The pre-school class is for children ages 3-5. The focus is on movement and the introduction to locomotor skills, eye-hand coordination, rhythm, basic positions, and working well with others.

LEVEL 1 BEGINNER CLASSES: Beginner students are for ages 5-8 and 9-11.  This class is designed both for the student who has never done gymnastics but is too old for pre-school as well as for continuing students who are working to master basic skills including a forward roll, cartwheel, and a pull-over on bars.

LEVEL 1 INTERMEDIATE CLASSES: The chronological next step up from beginner is to the intermediate class.  Children are now working to master slightly more advanced skills including a round-off, forward roll on beam, and back hip circles on bars.

LEVEL 2: The pre-competitive level is aimed at providing the progressing student more challenging skills but not necessarily moving towards a competitive environment. More instructional time is allowed for greater development of skill and aptitude. Focus now lies in the continual improvement of skill achievement including a back walkover and cartwheels on the balance beam.

LEVEL 3: Moving on up the ladder of skill achievement comes the pre-team class. Students are now accomplishing tasks that lead toward being associated more with competition. The skills working to be accomplished consist of true vaulting with the table, a kip on bars, and both front and back handsprings on floor.  Putting skills into sequences also becomes a new objective for the athlete. Instructor evaluation and consent is required for attendance in this class.

LEVEL 4 - TEAM: Although Jr. Eagles is a recreational program, we do have a team program in which athletes are allowed to work routines with specific skills and have the opportunity to compete in local competitions. Again, instructor evaluation and consent are required for participation. The team program is designed to prepare area students to participate in high school gymnastics. This team competes in the MAGA program.

HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS: One of our desires in this program is to develop strong, experienced athletes who may desire to participate in high school gymnastics.

SEMI-PRIVATE & PRIVATE LESSONS: These classes are offered in order to give more one on one attention to the gymnast. Privates consist of 1 gymnast with 1 instructor. Semi-privates consist of 2-4 gymnasts with 1 instructor. Every gymnast in each semi-private lesson may not be at the same skill level. Gymnasts are grouped according to the specific day they picked for their lesson. Instructors create lesson plans for students that benefit thier individual skill level. Both types of lessons are intended to be an extension class where a gymnast can focus on improving certain skills with more individual instruction. Taking a regular class along with a private or semi-private lesson is required.